Leaflet/Flyer/Brochure Design



Flyers / Leaflet are those modes of communication that reach the people directly to them. They can be handed to the people to be read and seen with all the details about your company, you products and services. Flyers are inexpensive to produce and are regarded as a very effective form of direct marketing that provides an expensive way of reaching people.

What TASSMEEM can do :

  • We work for customer’s satisfaction so before finalization of your flyer, we invite you to take a look and suggest us changes if required.
  • Timely delivery is our guarantee.
  • Great creative looking, affordable flyers.
  • Access to our rich stock photos and original artwork.
  • Innovative designs for a variety of businesses.
  • Customized Flyer / Leaflet and Posters.
  • Online, anytime, anywhere service backup.

Make sure you contact us about any poster / flyers / leaflet graphic design.

Brochure Design


If you are a business owner and you need to advertise about the services that offer, then you will be in need for :

  • A medium which you can pass on your information to your clients and customers easily.
  • A powerful marketing tool that will have a diverse and expanded reach.
  • A design of that medium that can interact perfectly with your customers, layout your data In a graceful manner and take use of the unnecessary spaces.

That medium is called a brochure, which can be an easy advertising tool to use to reflect the image of your business, this is true only if you had a good brochure design, which is one of our services that we offer.

Our brochure graphic design solutions will ensure a well designed brochure which will fulfill your needs of communicating properly to your clients and customers about all that you want them to know.

Features of Brochure Design at TASSMEEM:

  • Design concepts ready within the timeline agreed upon.
  • We work towards the satisfaction of our clients and concentrate our energy in providing solutions that guarantee 100% satisfaction and positive results.
  • A professional multi-disciplinary staff working on your brochure graphic designers.

The process of brochure development:

  • Set your goals
    The process usually start with determining what do you want to achieve in this communication, what message do you want to get across, and who is your target audience. Just make a list of your goals. What are the benefits of doing business with your company? What are your products and services? What makes your product and services unique and different from your competitors?
  • Prepare a concise text
    After outline you created and setting your goal; it’s time to write a copy for your brochure. You want to write a powerful story about your firm that will be compiling, honest and concise. This is not the time to throw in all the details. Its time to determine the highlights of the information needed.
  • Brochure graphic design Mockup
    From the mockup, you will see the design talking shape and the design should simply enhance the powerful written word on the page. Heading of the text should pop out and make you want to read the information. The images should depict the quality and professionalism of your firm.
  • Brochure graphic design final rendering
    After the design phase is complete, and we have buy in from the team that we’re on track, the production phase begins. Typically it will include photography, stock photography, illustration and graphs. The quality of this production should always reflect the quality of your company. This is not the time to hold on the budget to create the images for the brochure.
  • Brochure printing
    Once everyone has reviewed the proofs; it’s time for the press. Let your professional press check your job, and you will be happy when you get the boxes of your brochures in your office. Make plans before you start your brochure adventure about how will distribute them to your potential clients.